Welcome to my blogsite! Here, I write about my thoughts and updates on life, AI, machine learning, software development and music.

The About Me about me:
Currently, I’m a Data Scientist at Agaralabs (we’re on the look out for interesting folks to join our machine learning team, so do check out the Careers and Blog sections on that page if what we do seems interesting to you!). I work primarily in textual NLP (Natural Language Processing) and since more recently, on Speech too. For those unfamiliar with the field, here‘s a gentle introduction to NLP, and this article scratches the surface a bit more. I majorly use Deep Learning to get computers to learn and process human language.

I am also an independent researcher in the field, and my publications have centred around NLP for low-resource languages, and mostly around morphology. I also review papers for a few journals and conferences since it’s one way to stay up-to-date with latest research, and also give back to the research community. I believe that getting computers to understand Indian languages promises to be a very exciting and less-explored space! If you’re a researcher in a similar space, I’d love to hear your thoughts and share mine. I write easy-to-understand interpretations of the latest research papers in NLP, notes and pointers about implementations of existing deep learning techniques, a bit about software development, and general views on the developments in AI, in my machines blog.

I play the sitar, and am a (fairly avid) listener of Indian classical music (primarily Hindustani, but some Carnatic too). I’ve been fortunate enough to stay with my guru during a stint in Varanasi (Banaras) and learn the sitar from him. Check out my music blog, for my views on Indian music, on how I think it is received as an art form, on fusion music, and my (not-so-long) journey dabbling with all of this so far. Also, I try to keep the music section up-to-date with my own tracks and collaborations.

Since recently, my Kindle library and Google podcasts are going big on personal development, socioeconomics, and applied philosophy content. So if you have similar interests, do tell me what you read and listen to! My musings blog will have my interpretations, thoughts and rants about topics I’m currently thinking about / reading / listening to.

Feel free to reach out to me using the little buttons on the right side bar of this site, or by commenting on posts!